About Me

I am a Chemical Engineering PhD student at the University of Michigan working in Professor Sharon Glotzer’s Group. Here I work on a variety of projects including, how binary 2D assemblies of particles make porous host-guest networks, how some cell shapes settle into ordered structures, how charged nanoparticles self-assemble, how DNA nano-objects self-assemble, and how particles move through porous media (visit my research interests page to learn more). In addition to working on these research projects I also work as a developer and maintainer of codes in the group, but the bulk has been dedicated to the group’s geometry package, coxeter.

I went to undergrad at the University of Arkansas where I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering. During that time I worked in the lab of Professor Lauren Greenlee.

I also had two REUs through the National Science Foundation, one at the University of Texas, Austin, under Professor John Ekerdt,

and another at Tulane University under Professor Hank Ashbaugh.

I owe a lot to these undergraduate experiences, Dr. Greenlee for always believing in me and supporting my interests, Dr. Ekerdt for making me believe I could go to a top tier research university and Hank for making me believe I could be a theorist someday. Go check out their websites they do incredible and interesting work.