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These are only my publications that have been peer reviewed and accepted. If you would like a more recent and complete list of my projects, please visit my research interests page. Those projects will have their ‘prime time’ moments on this page soon enough.

Publication List:

(4) Dwyer, T., C. Moore, T., A. Anderson, J. & C. Glotzer, S. Tunable assembly of host–guest colloidal crystals. Soft Matter 19, 7011–7019 (2023).

(3) Ramasubramani, V., Dice, B., Dwyer, T. & Glotzer, S. coxeter: A Python package for working with shapes. JOSS 6, 3098 (2021).

(2) Pressure Induced Wetting and Dewetting of the Nonpolar Pocket of Deep-Cavity Cavitands in Water | The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. (2020).

(1) Zhang, Z., Dwyer, T., Sirard, S. M. & Ekerdt, J. G. Area-selective atomic layer deposition of cobalt oxide to generate patterned cobalt films. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A ALD2019, 020905 (2019).