Outreach & Curriculum


I have worked for several outreach/mentorship programs at the University of Michigan. Among them are SLATE, an organization mentoring middle and high school students in the Ann Arbor area, Posse, an organization that works with current undergraduate students to thrive in college, and as a peer mentor for incoming chemical engineering graduate students.

I also worked as lead mentor for all chemical engineering graduate mentors where I both led mentorship efforts for first year graduate students and led the intro to graduate school course.

I have mentored several undergraduate researchers, 2 have graduated winter semester 2022, both taking jobs in industry.

My current mentee, will graduate in 2025 and conducts research in active matter with the goal of pursuing a PhD in chemical engineering after graduation.


In the wake of the BLM protests in 2020, several graduate students, including myself, have begun work on adding needed but missing topics to the chemical engineering curriculum. Working with faculty, we work to add topics such as environmental racism, and social justice to the classic chemical engineering curriculum and ask students to consider important ethical questions about their actions as engineers. We have added these issues to a diverse set of courses including fluid mechanics, heat and mass transport, material balances, senior design courses, and our introduction to graduate school course. My contributions to these efforts have included making new lecture materials from scratch, designing homework problems, and creating a vision for how these topics can be incorporated into the chemical engineering curriculum.